NeoLink – For High-speed Voice and Data Transfers

NeoLink enables safe and secure point-to-point or multi-point high-speed data transfers and voice applications via dedicated bandwidth. Find out more about this solution by contacting us on 0860 Neotel(636 835).

NeoLink Specifications

This solution relies on dedicated bandwidth which assures you of privacy and security when transferring sensitive information. NeoLink also enables integrated applicationslike voice and data.
Ideally suited to large enterprises, ISPs and Value Added Network Services (VANs), wholesale customers as well as public operators – NeoLink enables transmission speeds of 2, 34, 45 and 155Mbps for TDM with higher speeds available on request. Ethernet is available from 2Mbps- 1000Gbps in increments of 2 Mbps.

The Benefits of NeoLink



Security and Reliability

  • Private and secure point-to-point connectivity.
  • High reliability and quality links, essential for mission-critical paths.


  • The network has been designed to grow with your business needs.


  • Stable network enables you to deliver services to your end users.

Rapid Deployment

  • Gets you up and running quickly and effectively.

SLA Delivery

  • Reputable end-to-end service guarantees.


  • Allows for ease of upgrading and network expansion.


  • The cost-effective solutions give you value for money, helping you save on operational costs.
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